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Why using temporary eMail / Temp-Mail addresses?

Temporary email / Temp Mail addresses are very popular on the web. For some, such e-mail addresses are a blessing for the others a curse!

What are temporary email / Temp Mail addresses?

Temporary email / Temp Mail addressesDisposable email / Temp Mail addresses are temporary email addresses, for which you usually do not need to log in and these have not to be created in advance, since they already exist. The permanent existence of such throwaway email addresses for a particular domain is realized via a catch-all address, which accepts all emails sent to a domain, no matter how the local part (locapart@domain.com) of the email address.

Temporary email addresses are also called as temp mail addresses, fake email addresses, throwaway email addresses, or trashmail addresses.

As a rule, the received eMails are only temporarily stored for a certain period of time before they are irrevocably deleted. The storage period varies from provider to provider, with Tempr.email it is 30 days.

The user accounts of the Temp Mail addresses do not need to be deleted by the user, since all associated data, as already mentioned, are deleted after a certain time. It is therefore sufficient to simply forget the used email address if you do not need these again.

When do you use Temp Mail addresses and when not?

Temp Mail addresses are usually used when you must enter your private email address, Eg in the case of a registration, and the provider is unknown or does not appear to be sufficiently trustworthy. Because with such providers the danger is very high, that one subsequently received unwanted newsletters or spam eMails.

Tempr.email offers, for example, Eg a password protection for the throwaway addresses of different domains, as well as the automatically generating of random e-mail addresses, but ultimately the user decides how he uses such services and is thus responsible for the security of his data/emails.

You can find an overview of the enormous functions of Tempr.email on the homepage under All functions at a glance.

Do Temporary email addresses always work?

No! One of the biggest problems with throwaway e-mail addresses is that they are on many Blacklists on the web, which list all known domains of Temporary email providers.

At this point, Tempr.email decides clearly from other providers! Each user can register their own domain on Tempr.email and thus the community regularly obtains new domains that are not listed on Blacklists. The domains can also be used anonymously, so that none of their existence is experienced.

Many providers also often have problems with coping with the large data streams that affect the mailserver every day, and are often quite unreliable. Emails are strongly delayed or not at all. Tempr.email, on the other hand, has its own specially developed mailserver, which is far more efficient than conventional mail servers and can therefore be very reliable.