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Preguntas frecuentes (FAQ)

1. Is this service free and how it is financed?

Yes, this service is completely free! Tempr.email is funded entirely by advertising.

2. Are my emails safe against unwanted readers?

The security of your emails depends on the choice of e-mail local part (alias). To obtain a large security, you should generate an random e-mail local part. A generated e-mail alias is hard to guess and makes your emails safe against unwanted readers.
Domains which contains the word (PW), can be protected by a password.

3. I have discovered a bug, or i have a idea for a new feature!?

If you have ideas for improvement, or you found a error, then please write us by our contact form.

4. What is the of idea of this service?

The explanation can be found under "How it works".

5. How long stay the emails in the inbox?

30 Days (1 Month)

7. How many e-mail local parts (alias) can I use?

As many as you want.

8. What is an e-mail local part (alias)?

An e-mail local part (alias) is the designation of an e-mail address before the @ sign. For example: ALIAS@tempr.email

9. How long is my secured inbox protected by the password?

A protected inbox stays up to 90 days after the last login received.

10. If some e-mails blocked?

Yes! Some spam e-mails are blocked. If an e-mail is not received, please check if there some rules in the spam list of inbox.

11. Is the password protection completely safe?

No! The password protection does not provide 100 percent security.
The password protection is only an additional feature which not necessarily embodies the meaning of this service. If you use the RSS Feed of an Inbox or use a bookmark, it is possible that unauthorized persons can access your protected inbox.

12. You get spam from Tempr.email?

Unfortunately it happens again and again, the spammers abusing our legitimate and legal service for their shady dealings.

Technically it's a snap to send e-mails with freely selectable sender (in this case Tempr.email).