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NOVINKY | 14.05.2020 09:03:05

Receiving problems after hardware defect fixed

Unfortunately, the past few days have often had difficulties with the timely delivery of emails.

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NOVINKY | 12.04.2018 16:45:02

Captcha update for the password protection

The CAPTCHA code for setting the password for the inbox has been updated.

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NOVINKY | 09.02.2018 15:02:30

Fixed login problems

There was an error in the login yesterday, which has led to the redirect to the blog.

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NOVINKY | 10.01.2018 06:45:09

Yesterday failure

Yesterday the security hole in the CPU (Meltdown & Specter) was closed.

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NOVINKY | 09.08.2017 10:43:26

Change of CAPTCHA

Because there have been errors in the use of ReCaptcha often in the past, we have now removed ReCaptcha from our system and take advantage of a own captcha system.

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NOVINKY | 06.08.2017 15:45:05

Fixed inaccurate display of E-Mails

With a database switchover yesterday, there were problems with decoding emails, so that they could be represented incorrectly.

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NOVINKY | 19.07.2017 23:18:50

Discard.email becomes Tempr.email

Discard.email becomes Tempr.email!

What has changed? Not much, except:

- The reception delays that frequently occur, belong to the past
- The main domain is Tempr.email.

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