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Email Encoder: Protect the display of your email address against bots

If you publish your e-mail address on your website, you run the risk of being detected and stored by spam bots. This tool will help you secure your e-mail address from these bots and make them unrecognizable.

1. Your email address to be protected:

2. How do you protect your email address?
Via JavaScript with NOSCRIPT alternative
Via JavaScript without NOSCRIPT alternative
Via JavaScript and the Base64 encoding
As HTML code (with normal output of email address E.g. test@test.de)
As HTML code (with tendered variant of email z.B test [at] test [dot] de)
As an image (with following settings)
Font color: Background color:
Font: Font size: pt

Why should I protect my e-mail address against spambots?

Spam has always been a problem on the internet and will probably always be. Everyone should try to make life as hard as possible for spammers.

At least one e-mail address must be publicly available on each website, namely the e-mail address in the imprint. And right here, you should start protecting them from spambots - by making them unrecognizable or illegible for them.

If you do not do this and publish your e-mail address in plain text, it will sooner or later be detected by a bot / crawler, which is mostly operated by spammers, and the result should be known to everyone - the future receiving of spam!

There are some approaches to protect e-mail addresses from such spambots! A very effective and widespread option is the presentation of the e-mail address in the form of an image. Primitive spambots, which are the most, can not find an e-mail address in the imprint during a crawl. But there is also one disadvantage: accessibility for blind people. Screen readers, which are often used by blind users, can not read the e-mail address in an image. It's no longer possible to quickly copy out the e-mail address in order to transfer it to the address book or recipient line of the e-mail program! Another protection is the numerical notation. The e-mail address will be determined using decimal character entities. Each character is replaced by its numerical notation according to ISO 10646 in decimal form.

However, there is no one hundred percent protection as the methods and techniques of spam bots / crawlers are constantly being improved. But a lot of the spam bots / crawlers are very primitive and can be misleading!